Client – StyleSouk


StyleSouk is an Ecommerce store for latest trending women clothing. Knowing that offline sales and word-of-mouth referrals would not be enough they approached us , Proweb , to come up with an online marketing strategy. Upon learning that more than 250,000,000 potential customers were online within india , they knew they just needed adigital marketing strategy to effectively increase their revenue multi-fold.

Initial Research and planning

To formulate a proper Strategy , we needed to check how optimized their website was for page load speed and UI/UX. After rectifying all the website errors and issues, we started researching audience interests that would be most suitable to make a purchase from their catalog. we then prioritized StyleSouk’s marketing objectives within their pre-defined budget: a high quality funnel to generate sales on their website through precisely targeted ad-campaigns.


Once the different sets of audiences were defined, various creatives and captions were prepared to begin advertising. A total of 50 combinations of different audiences and creatives were prepared to find out the winning combination. Just within a week we had our killer combination ready. This is where we started scaling up and increasing revenue multi-folds. How we performed? Let’s have a look at the results.